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Imagine a situation where you are in the middle of the wilderness and you accidentally lose your  backpack  with  all your gear inside…

No tools, just you and the wilderness around you…

What are your chances of survival? I would say – not much!

BUT if you have your own "SNC 5 IN 1" – your chances of survival will get infinitely better!

Compass, emergency whistle, fire steel, knife and 1.2 meter paracord

– all in one small place and around your neck!

These 5 tools can mean everything to you

- an emergency tool kit that will save your life!

SNC 5 in 1

Survival Neck Card

The card is made from quality leather and include:

1.2 meter paracord,  CRKT RSK Mk5 knife, mini compass, buckle with emergency whistle and fire steel(Scout size) with bungee cord attachment.

Weight : 100 g

Card measures :

-Height - 9.5 cm

-Width - 7 cm

Thickness - 0.9 cm

Knife measures:

OAL - 9.7 cm , blade length - 4.5 cm ,

blade thickness - 0.3 cm


Price : 310 NIS​

Free Shipping to Israel​, Europe and USA

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