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My name is Katz Laszlo Lorant and I was born and raised in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania.

As a teenager growing up deep in the heart of these parts, I spent every minute of my life in the nature/forest.  It is there where I fell in love with the nature and developed an understanding and appreciation for what it could provide. I had a happy and adventurous childhood, which formed my teenage years as well. From a young age, I hiked a lot, camped , looked for mushrooms, fruits . With a particular interest in both modern and ancient fire lighting techniques, I learnt the art of fire lighting, how to use and carve with a knives, axe and saw. I also tried my luck in various sports, such as ice hockey, skiing and football.

I moved to Israel at the age of 26 and this is where I have lived ever since.

I have worked in the high-tech industry for many years, until I found my way back to the nature once again and remembered all I have learnt many years ago. Since I inherited my father's creativity, it felt like having the world in my hands. I started creating bushcraft tools and equipment for myself and experimented with various survival techniques out in the bush. I learnt how to shoot an arrow and I practice archery ever since.

I founded my own Leather and Bushcraft shop/company called SilverBullGear in 2012, which led me to the next step in my life – working as a survival and bushcraft instructor.  My skills in modern and traditional wilderness survival techniques, disaster preparedness and self-reliant rural living have been called upon on many occasions!

I do hope you will find my enthusiasm for bushcraft, handcraft, outdoor adventures and archery infectious☺

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